International Justice Group

About Us

Who we are

The International Justice Group (IJG) is an international advocacy organization for justice. Its modus operandi focuses on the following:
  • War Crimes
  • Crimes Against Humanity
  • Full implementation of the TRC Report
  • Rape
  • Smuggling
  • Money laundering
  • Combating transnational crimes
  • Ensuring socio-economic justice
  • Good governance and respect for the rule of law

IJG is headed by Councilor Jerome Verdier – Chairman of the erstwhile Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), Liberia. He is one of Liberia’s brightest legal minds who devoted his time to advocating for Human Rights and Economic Freedom.

What We Do

International Justice Group is an NGO with vetted experts who strive to bring victims to justice. We started operations in November 2019 with the aim to help victims of various crimes acquire justice without hassle.

IJG has spoken on numerous human rights abuses, economic crimes and has continuously kept the Government of Liberia’s feet to the fire for justice. It has a strong relationship with the International Community (USA, AU, etc.) and enjoys a credible partnership with International NGOs like MEDIFY, Giving a Hand, Children First, Children Rights, and Hope & Love.

A Brief Backstory

Liberia has witnessed several atrocious acts from 1979 up to the present, ranging from gross human rights violations to the brutal Civil War that claimed at least 250,000 innocent lives and damaged countless properties. Crimes like these have led the entire governance of the state relegated to a state of anarchy.

A Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) was enacted to provide a space that brought perpetrators face-to-face with victims to explain their involvement with the Liberian Crisis from 1979. The objective of the TRC was to set the pace for lasting peace and genuine reconciliation. The TRC had the mandate to recommend prosecution (Retributive Justice) if need be, and Palava Hut settlement (Restorative Justice) where necessary.

The past and present governments have blatantly refused to implement the TRC’s Recommendations; perpetrators of heinous crimes and economic parasites are masquerading with impunity while their victims stare in despair. The culture of impunity has engulfed the Liberian Society such that crimes have increased astronomically.

Public officials are violating our constitution without any sense of remorse. Embezzlement of public funds and mysterious killings of people who possess confidential governmental information are some latest criminal acts prevalent in Liberia. In addition, rape, child abuse, and domestic violence are increasing exponentially!

The IJG, under the able leadership of Jerome Verdier, has been robustly engaged with the International Community to bring the culture of impunity to an immediate end in Liberia and across the globe.

We Empower People

Gender Mainstreaming, women and children protection, and empowerment are the main priorities of the IJG. It also fosters socio-economic justice and equity (Natural Resource Management), making it a leading global advocate of justice.

Mission / Vision

International Justice Group aims to become a leading NGO in helping people acquire justice across Liberia and beyond. We want to ensure a world full of peace, where victims are given a voice and their perpetrators meet their rightful consequence.
International Justice Group is pursuing steps to simplify legal assistance and expand its human rights work to take our country and the world towards a better tomorrow.

Contribute to the cause

Our Patrons / Affiliations

International Justice Group has brought a network of like-minded individuals and organizations to help promote the cause of making justice accessible for everyone. We are proud to showcase a few of our biggest patrons and affiliations that enable us to fight human rights violations, halt the growth of crime, and find justice for everyone.

Seek Justice for Liberia